Duygu Ustun Under is a Business Coach who partners with entrepreneurs, executives and solopreneurs to grow their personal and professional brands.

​After spending more than a decade working in multinational projects as an executive and an engineer, Duygu knows that powerful personal brand is the magical and essential must have, to step up in business and in life. She believes that personal brand is the art and science of differentiating yourself to others.

​Duygu equipts clients with self confidence and effective skills to manage their perfectionist self-critic and negative beliefs that enable them to start and grow their businesses and to enjoy a happily successful and balanced life. ​

Duygu is a professional coach -a member of ICF-, Parent Effectiveness Training (P.E.T) instructor, Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner; trained and certified by world-renowned institutions; Adler, Erickson, GTI and Harvard Business School. She holds a degree in civil engineering. Duygu is an entrepreneur and a mum to one happy child. In her spare time she enjoys creative cooking, learning new subjects and discovering new perspectives throught photography.

I am more resillient, confident and clear to focus on growing my business. ​Duygu is intuitive yet analytical, and her approach is creative, couraging and supportive


With her sincere and objective presence and powerful questions I discovered a new me that is more flexiable, comfortable and positive.



Kew Gardens Citizen Science

NatureMap-plants is a project, established within the Nature Map Earth Initiative, that aims to improve our knowledge of flowering plant species distribution and ecology in Indonesia, India, Ethiopia and Turkey. These four countries are extremely rich in plant species but we lack data that can tell us where species are located and where endemic or threatened plants need protecting.

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